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It is estimated that more than half of all adults in Nevada are not getting the recommended amount of sleep. And, the results are serious for you and those around you. People suffering from sleep apnea are 3X more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash. Inadequate sleep makes you 23X more likely to suffer a heart attack, and even mild sleep apnea can increase your chances of suffering a stroke, getting diabetes or experiencing significant weight gain. It is not a joke. Sleep apnea can kill you, and there is no time to waste; you need to get in touch with a sleep center nearby for a diagnosis as soon as possible. Also, bear in mind that while this disorder is more common among adults, children can suffer from it as well. You’ll need to start a treatment plan such as Healthy Start right away if you don’t want sleep apnea to affect your child’s growth. 

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Put Sleep Apnea to Rest with Dr. Pamela J. West.

Treating sleep apnea is not simple. In fact, improper treatment is often more dangerous than doing nothing at all. This is why Dr. Pamela West has dedicated many hours to continuing education and advanced training regarding oral appliances, sleep apnea, and snoring treatment. She has helped hundreds of patients in your area with sleep apnea, and this success is not a coincidence. Dr. West and her team at iSleepSolutions is uniquely qualified to help you get a good night of sleep. They can also provide TMJ treatment if you’re suffering from jaw pain.

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“Dr. West is amazing! She helped my husband to be able to breath at night after suffering for years from sleep apnea and other related health issues from lack of sleep and oxygen. She is knowledgeable and we are so happy that we found her!” -Julie C., Las Vegas, Nevada
“Her practice is state of the art, the staff is exceptionally warm, and as patient you are treated like family. Dr. West has always placed the highest attention to detail on my SMILE and DENTAL HEALTH for over two decades. She has always gone above and beyond with ensuring my smile is remarkable.” -Angela A., Summerlin, Nevada
“Dr. West and her staff are always friendly, professional, and will go above and beyond to make sure you have a great experience. She is a perfectionist that will always make sure the results meet your expectations... I highly recommend Dr. West if you are looking for 5-star service.” -McKenna N., Sunrise Manor, NV
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We Accept Your Insurance & Offer Flexible Financing.

By working with many sleep centers and physicians near you, iSleepSolutions is often able to accept payment through medical insurance, including Medicare. Our team knows how to navigate the insurance world, and we will help you understand the benefits available through every plan. For those not covered by insurance, we offer special financing options and flexible payment plans that make treatment manageable within any budget. Sleep apnea can keep you up at night. Paying for treatment should not.

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iSleep Solutions is located at Village Center Circle. We’re close to the Nevada Ballet Theatre and the Summerlin Library. If you’re traveling north on Village Center Circle, our practice will be on the right a little before you reach the Shell gas station on the left. If you need more precise directions, just ask! Our team is always ready to answer questions, and they can help guide you to our practice so that you can take the first steps towards improving your sleep all the sooner.

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Whether you’re looking for CPAP alternatives or simply need a snoring treatment, it’s important that your care fits into your budget. Our team is here to help you with understanding the cost that comes with sleep apnea treatment, and we’ve gone out of our way to increase the affordability of the services we provide. We’re happy to work with most major medical insurance companies, and we’re proud to be a certified Medicare Provider. Additionally, we work alongside common patient financing companies such as Lending Club and CareCredit that make managing the cost of care much easier.

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