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TMJ/TMD Therapy – Las Vegas, NV

Lasting Solutions For Jaw & Head Pain

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Proper jaw function is important for eating and speaking with ease. If you have a clicking, popping jaw, or if you frequently experience headaches, ear pain, or the sensation of lockjaw, you may have a problem with your TMJ (temporomandibular joint). This is not just another side effect of getting older -- and in fact, TMJ dysfunction (TMD) is highly treatable with effective TMJ therapy in Summerlin. Keep reading to learn more about how it works and how Dr. Pam West can help you get past jaw pain today!

What Is the TMJ?

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The temporomandibular joint is located at the base of the ears. It connects the mandible to the skull and allows you to open and close your jaw and move it from side to side. When everything works the way it should, you probably won’t think about your TMJ much at all. However, certain factors can cause the TMJ to get out of whack and result in mild to severe pain. Dental misalignments, like an overbite, underbite, or crossbite, can put strain on the TMJ. TMJ pain may also be caused by facial trauma, like a blow to the face.

Symptoms of TMJ/TMD

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Because the symptoms of TMJ/TMD are similar to those of other conditions, it may remain mis- or undiagnosed for years. Becoming familiar with the warning signs of TMJ/TMD can help to ensure you receive the proper treatment right away.

Some of the most common symptoms of this condition include:

  • Nighttime teeth grinding and jaw clenching
  • Clicking, popping jaw
  • Difficulty fully opening the jaw
  • Chronic jaw pain
  • Sensation of lockjaw
  • Ear, head, or neck pain

Get in touch with our office right away if you frequently experience any of the above. The long-term effects of untreated TMJ/TMD include sensitive teeth, receding gums, tooth loss, migraines, and tingling extremities.

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Diagnosing TMJ/TMD

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As an expert in all things related to your oral cavity, your dentist at iSleepSolutions is well-trained to provide therapy for TMJ/TMD. Dr. Pam West diagnoses and treats TMJ with state-of-the-art tools and technology.

To diagnose the condition, Dr. West will perform a complete evaluation of the TMJ and take a full health history. There is no standard test for TMJ/TMD, but X-rays, MRI, and CT scans may all be used to help diagnose it.

If you receive a diagnosis for TMJ/TMD, that’s actually good news -- it means relief is on the way. Most TMJ/TMD cases are successfully managed with effective therapy options, including CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) or increasingly popular oral appliance therapy. Whichever is right for you, you can feel confident when you partner with a true expert in TMJ pain therapy!

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Learn More Today!

Dr. West and the team at iSleepSolutions are well-equipped to help you get past jaw pain. To learn more about TMJ/TMD and how you can find the proper treatment for this condition, we invite you to request a free consultation for TMJ treatment in Summerlin today!


TMJ Treatment FAQs

Q and A about TMJ therapy

TMJ treatment in Las Vegas can stop your jaw pain and improve your quality of life. Don't worry if you have some concerns because Dr. West and her staff will explain everything during your consultation. While you wait for your appointment, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is TMJ Treatment Expensive?

Contrary to what you might have heard, TMJ therapy is affordable for all budgets. Every mouth and situation differs, so there's no flat fee for TMJ treatment. Many factors affect the cost because every treatment plan is unique. After examining your mouth and oral structures, Dr. West will create the personalized strategy you need to improve your jaw's functions. A member of our office will review your estimate and payment options to keep TMJ therapy within your budget, like a monthly payment plan using a third-party financing company, such as CareCredit. You can also use your insurance to partially cover the cost. You can overcome your jaw pain and restore your quality of life without it draining your bank account.

Can TMJ Be Treated Without Surgery?

Dr. West strives to take a conservative approach when treating TMD using nonsurgical solutions, like stress-relieving exercises, an oral appliance, or braces. She only recommends surgery when other methods have failed to provide improvement or if there's a defect in the joint.

Can TMJ Be Cured Permanently?

It isn't unusual to experience occasional TMJ flares, while it can be a persistent issue for others. Learning to identify your triggers can help manage the disorder to reduce the occurrence of your symptoms. Depending on the underlying cause, TMD can be resolved for good with the right treatment, like fixing a misaligned bite. When combined with changes at home, you can enjoy lasting relief from jaw pain.

Can TMJ Be Fixed with Braces?

A misaligned bite can lead to a TMJ disorder. If the upper and lower teeth don't align correctly, it can cause uneven pressure distribution, which can strain the jaw. If the jaw rests in an unnatural position, recurring pain or mobility issues are common complications. Orthodontics can fix TMJ disorders caused by a poorly aligned bite. Whether metal braces or clear aligners, moving your teeth can ensure harmony between the upper and lower arches to take pressure off your joints and improve your jaw's functions.

How Long Does TMJ Therapy Take?

Every case differs depending on the treatment used. Many patients see an improvement within a few weeks. However, it can take several months to finish your treatment. Your symptoms will gradually get better as time passes. Dr. West will discuss how long you can expect your treatment to take and explain what you can do to prevent any delays, like wearing your oral appliance nightly or eating soft foods.