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Lip & Tongue Tie Treatment – Las Vegas, NV

Eat, Breathe, and Feel Better

Happy adult and child after lip and tongue tie treatment in Las Vegas

“Tongue tied” is a common phrase used in reference to someone who is having difficulty getting their words out. But did you know that tongue tie is a real medical condition? It has nothing to do with your ability to express yourself verbally. Rather, it has to do with how free your tongue is to move around your mouth. A similar, related condition is lip tie. Left untreated, these conditions can lead to numerous problems. Fortunately, our practice offers lip and tongue tie treatment in Las Vegas with the highly advanced Solea laser.

Why Choose iSleepSolutions & TMJ Pain Therapy for Lip & Tongue Tie Treatment?

  • Solea Laser for Quick and Comfortable Treatment
  • Treatment for Kids and Adults
  • Potential to End or Reduce Snoring

How Do Lip and Tongue Ties Develop?

Baby with colic, may have a lip or tongue tie

Lip ties and tongue ties are the result of thick or short frenums (also called frenulums). The lingual frenum attaches the bottom of the tongue to the floor of the mouth, while the labial frenum attaches the upper lip to the gums above your upper teeth. When a frenum is malformed, it can limit the movement of the oral structures and lead to a range of symptoms. Lip and tongue ties develop before birth. The cause is often unknown, but some believe that it can be due to genetics or nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy.

Parents should be on the lookout for signs and symptoms of lip and tongue tie in their young ones, such as difficulty breastfeeding, digestive issues, and colic. A breastfeeding mother may also experience problems, such as pain while nursing or cuts and blisters on her nipples.

Why Is It Important to Treat Lip & Tongue Ties?

Boy sticking tongue out after laser frenectomy treatment

If a lip or tongue tie isn’t addressed during infancy, it can continue to cause problems into childhood and adulthood. For example, a person might experience:

  • Aversions to certain textures of foods
  • An increased risk of cavities, teeth grinding, other dental problems
  • An increased risk of snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, and other breathing problems
  • Delays in speech development or speech difficulties after even a very small amount of alcohol
  • Forward head posture

Such issues may negatively affect a person’s self-confidence and their ability to enjoy their life to the full.

Lip & Tongue Tie Treatment

A frenectomy in Summerlin is the standard treatment used to address lip and tongue ties. It is a simple and quick procedure that involves cutting a frenum in order to free up the lip or tongue. Most practitioners who offer frenectomies use surgical scissors. The scissors are effective, but they are inferior to treatment with a dental laser.

In our practice, we use the highly advanced Solea laser to perform frenectomies. It minimizes bleeding, has an incredibly low risk of infection, and in most cases, no local anesthesia is even necessary. Infants who undergo a laser frenectomy are usually able to breastfeed immediately after their procedure.

Why Choose a Practice that Uses the Solea Laser?

Hand holding dental laser, preparing for frenectomy procedure

There are quite a few different dental lasers on the market — you might wonder what makes the Solea laser in Las Vegas so special. With more than 30 years of research spent on developing this unique piece of equipment, it delivers a painless and efficient method of treatment that ensures patients have a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Capable of treating both hard and soft tissues (i.e., teeth and gums), its accuracy and precision produce outstanding results every time.

What is a Solea Dental Laser?

Considered the first FDA-approved CO2 dental laser system, it targets specific hard and soft tissues while leaving healthy sections untouched. Guided by high-tech computers, it uses a concentrated beam of light to carefully treat areas of enamel and tissue without an unpleasant buzzing or vibration that can commonly cause dental anxiety. It also minimizes bleeding and is virtually pain-free, so many patients can avoid anesthesia or additional sedation.

How Does the Solea Laser Work?

When using the Solea laser to treat a lip or tongue tie, our dental team will start by using the computer to target the specific band of tissue that requires releasing. Using the dental laser to focus on the area, the concentrated beam of light will quickly but carefully lacerate the frenum within minutes.

While releasing the band of tissue, the laser cauterizes the area to prevent additional bleeding and swelling. It also serves to minimize the risk of infection.

Once the lip or tongue tie is released, the recovery process will be much easier, as the chance of soreness will be minimal. Also, you can quickly begin to care for your little one without worrying about any negative effects of the procedure.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Solea Laser?

While many dental offices continue to use traditional methods to perform frenectomies (i.e., scalpel and sutures), more and more dental professionals are discovering the benefits of dental lasers. By choosing the Solea laser, our patients can expect a host of amazing benefits, such as:

  • It can be used on both hard and soft tissues, meaning that it has many applications beyond frenectomies. It is also known to treat cavities, gum disease, and other similar problems.
  • It is safe for patients of all ages, including both children and adults, which is a welcomed relief for parents looking to address their baby’s lip or tongue tie.
  • It reduces or eliminates the need for anesthesia or sedation, which means you can resume your normal activities ASAP after your procedure.
  • It is extremely precise, which minimizes the risk of human error.
  • It cauterizes as it moves along the tissues, minimizing any bleeding, swelling, and soreness.
  • It is noise-free, drill-free, and requires no sutures, so patients feel more comfortable and confident while undergoing specific procedures.

Can a Frenectomy Treat Snoring and Sleep Apnea?

Woman sleeping peacefully after frenectomy and myofunctional therapy

Snoring and sleep apnea afflict millions of people of all ages. The standard way to treat such issues is with a CPAP machine or oral appliance. Such therapies are certainly effective, but they aren’t always necessary.

A tongue tie may cause the tongue to rest in the wrong position, which can increase the risk of airway blockages at night. A frenectomy, along with myofunctional therapy, can allow the tongue to rest in the correct place, decreasing the risk of nighttime breathing problems and possibly reducing or eliminating the need for other forms of snoring or sleep apnea treatment.

Are you ready to learn more about frenectomies and how this procedure might benefit you? As your dentist in Summerlin, we are ready to help! Contact our friendly team today.