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Sleep Apnea Services for Summerlin & Las Vegas

Today, millions of Americans suffer from sleep apnea and the damaging, even destructive consequences it can lead to. In fact, many people don’t even realize the truth behind their condition in the first place! If you constantly experience loud, chronic snoring, painful headaches in the morning, and daytime fatigue that negatively affects your productivity and enthusiasm, our Summerlin, NV team strongly recommends that you visit your general doctor or a sleep specialist in the area for a more concrete diagnosis.

So how can a dentist help treat sleep apnea? If you’ve been diagnosed in the past, you’ve surely come across the CPAP technique and all the pitfalls involved. Dr. Pamela West here at iSleepSolutions is proud to offer patients a comfortable and effective alternative – a customized oral appliance. These devices may be small, but you’ll be amazed by what our team can accomplish for your overall wellbeing. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Follow the links below for more information about sleep apnea and how Dr. West and her Las Vegas team can finally provide you with the full night of rest you deserve:

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