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Combined Therapy for Sleep Apnea

Oral Appliance in Combination with CPAP

Sadly, patients who suffer from severe sleep apnea may not be able to achieve the good night of rest they deserve with only a custom oral appliance. However, it’s just as likely that they don’t want to return to using their CPAP machine, which is effective but dissuades patient use because of the significant pressure and noise involved. Isn’t there an option somewhere in the middle? Here at iSleepSolutions, Dr. Pamela West is happy to answer that question in the affirmative. Our Summerlin, NV practice can provide valuable assistance with combined therapy, a solution to sleep apnea that combines the best elements of both oral appliance therapy and CPAP therapy for a truly exceptional result.

How Does Combined Therapy Work?

The traditional CPAP method involves a breathing device that forcibly keeps your airway open throughout the night with the help of pressurized air. This device is attached to the face and typically covers both the mouth and the nose. CPAP is generally considered the ideal treatment to combat sleep apnea – so why are so many patients still exhausted and suffering? It’s because CPAP is often thought to be too noisy, uncomfortable, or just plain unpleasant. This results in patients forgoing treatment in favor of a more relaxed resting experience, even if they’re still constantly being roused by their sleep apnea.

Oral Sleep Appliances

Oral appliances, on the other hand, are precisely personalized for each patient, easy to wear, and portable. However, patients with more severe cases of sleep apnea can still experience problems with breathing throughout the night. This is where combined therapy comes in.

CPAP Therapy

Combined therapy typically involves an oral appliance being directly attached to your CPAP machine and worn together during sleep. With this option, the oral appliance handles a lot of the work, allowing the pressure on your CPAP machine to be greatly minimized and much more comfortable. Typically, no head straps are even required, and the device is much more stable overall. In fact, you might be amazed by how much your sleep apnea care is transformed for the better with this technique!

Learn More About CPAP Therapy

Which Sleep Apnea Treatment is Right for Me?

Both oral appliance therapy and CPAP therapy are non-invasive solutions to sleep apnea, meaning that surgical care isn’t required. They’re also reversible and can be removed or altered at any time. It’s also important that patients choose the option that they will be able to successfully use every single night so that their symptoms are minimized. Here in the Las Vegas, NV area, Dr. West will be happy to walk you through these questions and many more when determining the best plan of action for your unique case. Contact us today to schedule your first consultation!

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