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Sleep Apnea Risk Factors – Las Vegas, NV

How to Get the Rest You Desperately Need

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One of the definite ingredients to leading a healthy and long life is to get adequate sleep each night. It helps to rejuvenate the mind and body, to fortify the immune system and to regulate the very important hormone secretions within your body. One of the major threats to Americans getting productive sleep is the growing problem of sleep apnea. Dr. West helps to combat this issue, though, and when you visit us at iSleep Solutions, you’ll quickly discover how valuable it is to have the right allies in your corner.

What Contributes to Sleep Apnea?

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One of the key steps to recovering from sleep apnea in Las Vegas is to be aware of what behaviors contribute to the condition. Let’s look at some of the leading risk factors:

The Warning Signs to Lookout for

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Recovering from sleep apnea starts by being able to recognize the symptoms. One of the more common warning signs is daytime lethargy. Thus, even though you may be getting seven to eight hours of sleep, if the rest is repeatedly interrupted by bouts of apnea, you can still be left feeling unreplenished the next day.

Other red flags to be aware of are loud snoring, silent pauses in your breathing, choking sounds, morning headaches, memory loss, lost libido or sudden bouts of bed wetting. If you or your partner notice any of these symptoms, then you should immediately bring it to the attention of your general physician so you can undergo an official sleep test. Then, you can reach out to the sleep center in Las Vegas to schedule a visit with Dr. West.

When you visit, she’ll sit down with you to go over your results and develop a plan of action to treat your condition so you can get the quality rest you’ve been missing out on.

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