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Can CBD Oil Improve Your Sleep Apnea Symptoms?

September 22, 2020

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When you learn that you’re suffering from sleep apnea, your natural first thought is going to be to focus on finding a way to overcome the disorder as soon as possible. Looking around the Internet, you might see a few articles talking about how some people use cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil, to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. Could this be the solution you’re looking for? Read on to discover what could help you get a good night’s rest again.

How Does CBD Oil Affect Sleep?

CBD has actually been used to treat sleep problems for many years. The key lies in the way the oil interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which regulates the sleep cycle along with other physiological functions. Using CBD oil has the following benefits during sleep:

  • It helps keep your body in homeostasis, meaning it helps maintain the balance between wakefulness and the amount of sleep you get.
  • It accelerates the healing that takes place during sleep.
  • It reduces hypertension in the body, making it much easier to relax.

Can CBD Oil Be Used to Treat Sleep Apnea?

While there are multiple studies showing that CBD has a positive impact on sleep, there is, at the moment, not enough evidence to definitively state its effect on sleep apnea. There is some anecdotal research that seems hopeful, but right now it can’t be said for sure. Before you try using CBD oil to treat your sleep apnea, talk to your sleep doctor about the effects and whether it might be beneficial for your particular case.

What Other Treatments for Sleep Apnea Are There?

Fortunately, there is no shortage of possible solutions for sleep apnea. You’ve probably already heard of using a CPAP machine. Patients who are uncomfortable or intolerant of CPAP can instead get an oral appliance to keep the airway open and clear during the night. Depending on the severity of your sleep apnea, you might even use an oral appliance in conjunction with a CPAP machine.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for sleep apnea. Your sleep doctor will make their recommendation based on your unique needs. If you think CBD oil could improve your sleep quality, however, be sure to mention it during your appointment.

About the Author

Dr. Pamela West has decades of dental experience, and she has helped many patients enjoy more peaceful nights of uninterrupted sleep by treating their sleep apnea with oral appliances. She works with a team of medical experts across Nevada to provide her Las Vegas patients with the best care possible. To ask about sleep apnea treatment, visit her website or call (702) 602-2000.

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