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Don’t Ignore It! 5 Ways TMJ Can Hurt Your Job Performance

October 8, 2018

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woman holding jaw tmj painHave you been experiencing pain in the joint that opens and closes your jaw? If so, then you could be suffering from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, a condition that over 20 million Americans have a form of. Your local dentist says if you have symptoms of this condition, they shouldn’t be ignored, and you should seek treatment. Learn how TMJ disorder can negatively impact your job performance if not addressed.

What is the TMJ?

The TMJ is the area that opens the upper and lower jaw. This dynamic joint complex also moves the jaw through several other planes of motion. It is this versatility that also makes the joint more susceptible to wear. When it becomes worn, there can be inflammation, irritation, pain and limited range of motion.

If these signs are ignored, it doesn’t just compromise your health; it can also put your job in jeopardy.

Issue #1 – Decreased Productivity and Attendance

There’s an old saying that states, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” When you have nagging jaw pain that needs to be treated, it’s a lot harder to show up every day to work. Then, when you’re there, it can hinder your productivity.

Issue #2 – Decreased Performance

Not only does lingering jaw pain contribute to absences and early exits from work; it can also harm your job performance. It’s difficult to concentrate and focus when you’re in pain. This invites the opportunity to make more uncharacteristic mistakes.

Issue #3 – Social Anxiety

Continuous pain that isn’t resolved can lead to the following:

  • Irritability
  • Increased anxiety and stress
  • Sleepless nights/ daytime lethargy
  • A tendency to withdraw from interactions

The above symptoms are not indicative of a person looking to excel at work.

Issue #4 – Missed Opportunities

It’s hard to think about advancing your career when you are constantly dealing with the pain and immobility of your jaw. Thus, you could miss-out on an opportunity you would otherwise be an excellent candidate for because you’re not able to focus your attention where it needs to be.

Issue #5 – Lost Trust

Ignoring TMJ disorder can damage your image, especially when you are forced to miss work frequently and are less eager to communicate because of the pain of opening and closing your jaw. Your superiors can only respond to what they see; they can’t sympathize with a condition they don’t know exists.

The moral to this story is two-fold: you should seek care for your condition and be open with your employer about what is going on. Thus, you’ll be demonstrating an eagerness to communicate openly, and it will show that you are actively working to correct the problem.

To get the help you need for TMJ disorder, reach out to the Sleep Center to schedule a consultation today so you can regain control of your life.

About the Author

Dr. Pamela West is an expert in treating TMJ disorder. A graduate of the University of Southern California School of Dentistry, she has completed extensive training in TMJ Therapy, which she uses to provide patients with the relief they desperately need to lead happy and productive lives. Dr. West practices at iSleep Solutions, and she can be reached for more information through her website.

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